PUMP IT UP PRIME 2 is the second work of PRIME series. Upgraded network system and improved game interface for all beginners and manias.
More closer to 'Prime' meaning by various contents for trendy users.
Regular update New songs and contents update in regularly
Item shop Premium for Prime2 registered users
Card / USB dual login Easy to login by card or USB
Rival system Compete and enjoy together
Auto velocity system Apply and adjust for your own proper speed
Dual interface
We improved full mode for mania users and basic mode for beginner users to taste their characteristics.
More eaiser for basic mode, more various contents for full mode will satisfy all users.
We put a lot of music in various genre by collaboration with international popular rhythm game.
This is the most biggest scale of PIU history by adopting songs of popular K-POP line ups and famous composers.
Auto velocity system
You can set your own BPM which will provide pleasant game play compare with previous version can adjust by only 0.5 velocity.
Rival system
This is new system in PUMP IT UP PRIME2. You can compare scores by levels in system with your rivals.
Enjoy more by competitng with your rivals.
AM.NET Service
It is the name of Andamiro's online service.
Use AM.Pass Card to access AM.Net to not only enjoy various services provided but also manage your data.
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