USER DATA MANAGEMENT AM.NET service is the name of Andamiro's online service.
We provide smart way of login system to use the AM.NET service.
You can enjoy Prime2 in 2 different login system.
  • It is the name of Andamiro's online service.
    Use AM.Pass Card to access AM.Net to not only enjoy various services provided but also manage your data.

    You can purchase AM.Pass Card at the game center where Prime2 is installed.
    AYou can use AM.Pass Card to LX cabinet and other cabinets which card reader is installed.
    If you tag AM.Pass Card into the card reader, it will automatically recognize it and login.
    And there is a special advantages for AM.Pass Card users only.

  • If you save access code into USB and plug into PIU machine, login is done automatically.

    You can carry access code saving into USB, you can save it to the top root.
    If you lose access code, you can reissue it and use again.
    Some USB may not be available to do this.
    You can move data into AM.Pass Card.

AM.Pass Card registration
You can purchase AM.Pass Card at the game center where Prime2 is installed.
After purchasing, you can register from and you have maximum 3 cards or USBs to register.
And you can use previous ID to AM.Pass Card. Once you move game ID to AM.Pass Card, you cannot use USB login.
AM.Pass Card move
If you move game ID in USB to AM.Pass Card
you can only login by AM.Pass Card
If you lose AM.Pass Card or if you want to use new AM.Pass Card to login,
you can move the data and login.
But, previous card will be no longer available to login nor reuse.
This is initial way of user data system. You can login by USB.
Download access code first from game ID management and download PRIME2.BIN file to the top root of USB and then insert USB to the machine then login is available.
If you lose access code, you can reissue it to prevent using it by other people. And you can download access code whenever and wherever you want.
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